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Flood Certs
aka Elevation Certificates
Elevation Certificates for Flood Insurance
FEMA LOMA & LOMR-F Letters for removal of Flood Insurance are preformed throughout the entire State of Florida.
(If your Property Qualifies)

Elevation Certificates must be prepared and certified by a Licensed Land Surveyor, Registered Professional Engineer, or Registered Architect who is authorized by State or local law to certify elevation information.

Additional Property Reports
Order a Property Report in addition to an Land Survey or  Elevation Certificate. These reports consist of Several different Documents recorded on and around your property.
Property Appraiser pages, Plats, Aerials, Flood Zone information, etc....

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A Flood Certificate (aka Elevation Certificate)
Can be an important part of determining the cost of
 Flood insurance.
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An Elevation Certificate is a standardized Form that FEMA has issued
used to gather elevation data for the purpose of accurately assessing
flood risks to structures located in Flood Hazard Zones.

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How Much is an Elevation Certificate?
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